by Hovvdy

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first pressing cassette via drip tapes

recorded and mixed by hovvdy
mastered by ben littlejohn
photo by ben davis


released December 12, 2014


all rights reserved



Hovvdy Austin, Texas


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Track Name: Wiley
i saw yesterday
i swore you would fade away
to the sun back where you came from

someday stay awhile
come stay awhile
i'll show you the light i know
be yours in the dark

my eyes see this life shine
Track Name: Neck
lost your face in the crowd
i want to see you again
sit around and waited

lost my car in the parking lot
so i sat until it emptied out
im tired of trying to find you

what a way to be alone in bed on nights like these
when i think of my tshirt on your shoulder blade
and my hand on your knee
you seem to be in control of evrything

truth be told i am aware of where you r
and youre alone
truth be told i call u all the time to see if youre at home
Track Name: Window Room
when i'm hi
i take cold showers
when the sun warms
the earth with its power
i don't mind the cold
it wakes me up
i feel good
i feel fine

water run on my
eyes shut i'm feelin better
not real sad but hopeful with full intentions
you were there
the day we woke up in the hotel
i'm reminded
Track Name: Pop kuntry
you held your cake on a paper plate
i floated around the room
i would talk to you if i wanted to but i walked away

standing under your porch light
i watched the things around you fizzle out
and then we got hi
but i dont feel hi at all

laid her down for good
you cant i wont

told you i would go out tonight but i lost track of time inside
Track Name: Come on
somehow i woke up alone
dreamt you were there i was wrong
later come by i'll be here
sittin down listening to sounds alone

in shelter
come over i'll be here

when u drive the roads of your hometown
i'll love u the same
when u find another you're used to
i'll love you the same
Track Name: problem(memo)
i'll walk you home
you say you're tired of talkin
to people you don't know
feet on concrete we're weighin on

i wanna live here a couple years
the city my grandpa lived in

you all gotta problem
and are alright
nothing to worry
about in the mornin

i feel for you
what it cost
storm with a fury
a natural loss
Track Name: in my head(memo)
i havent ever had to fit two people in my head
you know im gone im gone for good

you told me he's just not for you
if thats true
i think youre on to somethin good

on the gulf in that screened in room
i told you the truth that i was packing my shit up for you
coming back home to you
it just wasnt right for you

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